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In The Wake Of The Tsunami

I don’t often mention being on the southwest coast of Thailand on December 26, 2004. In the rare instance that I do, or it inadvertently comes up, it’s with far more acceptance than my previous self, with still raw sensibilities, could sufficiently feign. I hold no allusions that the events of that day will be graspable to others. There is no universal language for the individual experience; no way to translate things in a way that encapsulates all the subtle nuances and bold complexities of subjectivity. There are emotions and memories that have burrowed themselves away deep, beyond reach of our impulse to generalize. Yet, I am far more welcoming of people’s efforts to do so. Of their efforts to empathize through the lens of their own experienced sorrows. Of the underlying humanity that motivates their gesture. Of the sincerity and openness that fuels their inherent desire to connect. And of the humbling instances where I am met with mirrored vulnerability.

Mr. P. And The Wayward Writer

Mr. P. was an eccentric. An intellectual. A philosophizing soul who was respected by staff and idolized by students. Broad-shouldered and tall, he had a lengthy beard matched by a pair of thick sideburns. When I first met him, I expected a deep, authoritative voice to emerge, but instead a far more tempered one spoke, with a candid hippie-like inflection reminiscent of The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Though he evades description, if I were to venture one, physically, Mr. P. kind of resembled Santa Claus. Or rather, St. Nick’s maverick brother, who rebelled by rejecting the family business, and absconding to the Canadian West Coast, proclaiming, “To hell with snow and pine trees, man. I’m moving south and teaching the generation of tomorrow!”

Friday Favourites! Week #1

Fridays are perfect for sharing newly discovered favourites. Whether it’s an enticing page-turner, exciting destination to explore, stunning design element or glow-worthy beauty regime infused with bee venom and reishi extract – I’ll be sharing my latest and greatest finds or “favourites” here on Undertone(s).

Personal Disclaimer: These shared favourites will undoubtedly feature one of my many plant purchases, which are leading to the slow but gradual conversion of my apartment into a greenhouse. Or of lamps. I have an inexplicable love of lamps (and subsequently, a very well-lit home).

Exploring Portland

Portland is wonderfully offbeat. Quirky. Odd. The city’s unofficial slogan of “Keep Portland Weird” is a tidy summation of what this metropolitan gem charmingly subscribes to. “Weird” is the term appropriate to this hub of eccentricities, which lays claim to endearing titles including host to the world’s largest bookstore and site of an inexplicably high number of bridges. (Seriously, Portland, why so many bridges? There are like, twelve of them). Though Portland offers an abundance of amazing locales, here are a handful of favourites, which fully lived up to their hype.

The Imperfect Time Is Now

Our most insightful moments often arise during challenging periods, when things do not go according to plan, and we need to be our most resourceful and inventive selves—situations which lend credence to the tenet of tough times fueling our inner innovator. This isn’t to say that all pursuits need rise from the ashes of adversity (though it certainly does feed into the stereotype of the angst-ridden artist, doesn’t it?), but rather is meant to drive home the point that every moment possesses a measure of the inopportune. So, why not embrace the notion of it being the imperfect time by pursuing an aspiration or two in the enticingly flawed present?