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So Long And Farewell To 2017

In a recent McSweeney’s article titled “RIP, 2017” writer Pete Reynolds unapologetically sums up, “In life, 2017 was an avid collector of mass shootings, devastating natural disasters, and unfortunate accounts of famous old men groping their female colleagues.” Counter to this resoundingly “bad”, 2017 also delivered varying degrees of good, including the Women’s March, the legalization of same-sex marriage in Australia, and Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut Ladybird. Whether your outlook is steely focused on inspiring stories of progress, or fixated on negative tales of resurgent fascism and our seemingly obdurate march toward nuclear warfare, I think we can all agree that we are bidding adieu to 2017 on a somewhat conflicted note.

Mr. P. And The Wayward Writer

Mr. P. was an eccentric. An intellectual. A philosophizing soul who was respected by staff and idolized by students. Broad-shouldered and tall, he had a lengthy beard matched by a pair of thick sideburns. When I first met him, I expected a deep, authoritative voice to emerge, but instead a far more tempered one spoke, with a candid hippie-like inflection reminiscent of The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Though he evades description, if I were to venture one, physically, Mr. P. kind of resembled Santa Claus. Or rather, St. Nick’s maverick brother, who rebelled by rejecting the family business, and absconding to the Canadian West Coast, proclaiming, “To hell with snow and pine trees, man. I’m moving south and teaching the generation of tomorrow!”

Meet Meghan MacWhirter: Style Blogger and Accessory Designer

Meet Meghan MacWhirter, an Alberta-based style blogger, accessory designer, and creative entrepreneur on-the-rise, whose artistic endeavours span the creative spectrum, to include: printmaking, painting, photography, accessory design and fashion blogging. I had the opportunity to interview Meghan and learn a bit about her recent projects, artistic influences, and personal insights on the creative community, at large.

Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives! Oh My!

The English language is replete with enticing words to satisfy our inner linguist through their delightful interplay of sound and meaning. I recently stumbled upon some words, which are the literary interpretation of life’s most awe-inspiring (and peculiar) phenomena. Although words may never phonetically encapsulate an experience, they certainly are pleasing to the eyes and ears, all the same. Here are a few favourites to help elevate your daily vocab – although admittedly it may be difficult to find a context appropriate for the term “defenestration”.

The Caffeine Addict’s Guide: Coffee Hacks

I’m by no means a coffee aficionado, however, I do understand the last dregs of dark roast poured from a dispenser labeled: French Vanilla, is “swill” compared to the craft-coffee served up by more reputable roasters. Regardless, when the post-lunch fatigue sets in during the average workday, I’ll gladly down anything with a caffeine content high enough to jolt me from my 2 p.m. stupor.

I have a few friends whose standard of what constitutes “real” coffee far surpass my own. Their kitchens are outfitted with sleek, Italian-engineered espresso machines and every coffee oriented accessory on the market, ranging from the essential to the obscure. Over the years I’ve picked up on some of their fundamental tips and tricks. Here are a few of my favourite coffee hacks to help improve your daily grind (pun intended), and elevate your average cup of jo.