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Friday Favourites! Holiday Edition

T’is the season to fret over gift ideas! Coming up with presents that are both unique and meaningful for your loved ones is no easy feat. Well-intentioned, but impractical gifts (like croquet sets and obscure novelty mugs) often go unused. This holiday season, rather than contribute to unwanted clutter, why not gift your loved ones something experiential instead of material? Instead of speculating on someone’s shirt size, or worse, gifting another generic Christmas basket—the kind teeming with nougat and fruitcake—consider investing in a cooking class or an outdoor adventure, for your nearest and dearest!

This edition of Friday Favourites features a list of unique and exciting activities, to help guide you in gifting experiences as opposed to “stuff” this holiday. Although stuff can be good too, particularly if it’s useful. Like socks. Socks are awesome.

Friday Favourites! Week #1

Fridays are perfect for sharing newly discovered favourites. Whether it’s an enticing page-turner, exciting destination to explore, stunning design element or glow-worthy beauty regime infused with bee venom and reishi extract – I’ll be sharing my latest and greatest finds or “favourites” here on Undertone(s).

Personal Disclaimer: These shared favourites will undoubtedly feature one of my many plant purchases, which are leading to the slow but gradual conversion of my apartment into a greenhouse. Or of lamps. I have an inexplicable love of lamps (and subsequently, a very well-lit home).