A quality, meaning, etc., that is present but not clear or obvious.

A quality (as of emotion) underlying the surface of an utterance or action.

Everyone possesses undertones. They are the unique idiosyncrasies that define us. The subtle nuances that make us distinctly “ourselves.” Undertones are not always obvious (a truth that accounts for the half dozen mismatched concealers banished to the bottom of my bathroom drawer; failed attempts to align a shade of Laura Mercier with my complexion’s elusive pink-yellow undertones). Undertones indirectly sway us—they are the literal and figurative “colors” that influence and modify our behaviors, actions, humor, style, and more.

The purpose of this blog (in part) is to explore deep-seated passions and to delve into thoughts and opinions, which typically may not occupy the forefront of who I am, in my daily life. Therefore, “Undertones” seemed a fitting title for this online forum.