Friday Favourites! Week #2

It’s a busy time. Currently, I’m treading the onslaught of assigned readings and coursework related to a certificate program, working a 9-5 office job, blogging, and writing and submitting short stories and personal essays to literary publications. Somewhere in the midst of all this self-imposed chaos, I’m managing to also find time for friends, family and activities, but it’s a delicate, and often challenging, balance to maintain. Therefore, in this edition of Friday Favourites, I thought I would feature some of my preferred essentials by Rifle Paper Co. that help keep me organized, and on track, during the day-to-day madness. These vibrant, floral-themed items are stylish and practical, and will help you stay organized without compromising aesthetics. They appeal to me, in part because I’m drawn to bright colours, but also due to my natural propensity to lose things. Vibrant hues are a helpful visual aid, particularly when tracking down my misplaced stuff down for the umpteenth time.


Rifle Paper Co. Birch Floral Notebooks – Set of 2

Ideas may dawn on us at any time. Particularly at inconvenient moments, like when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store and innovation strikes you, but there is no paper or pencil in sight, so you’re left bitterly holding a bag of green apples at checkout while your creative thoughts slip away, undocumented.

Rifle Paper Co. features a set of three notebooks perfect for transcribing these untimely ideas. They feature vibrantly illustrated covers with gold foil accents, 64 ruled pages apiece, and are sewn together with lavender thread. Why not regular thread? Because according to unsubstantiated evidence and fairy dust, lavender sourced thread is proven to make you a better writer.

citrus recipe box

Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box in Citrus Floral

One of the prettiest items to grace the counter-space of my apartment is this charming recipe box by Rifle Paper Co., which I’ve repurposed into an “everything” box. When my loyal notebooks are not on hand, I often scribble my ideas down on whatever scrap paper (or sometimes partially used napkin), is at hand. This delightful tin, with a gold metallic interior and mint and citrus-floral exterior, provides a beautiful place to stow these rogue notes, until I can sift through them and try to piece together my ideas. The tin also comes equipped with a lovely set of recipe cards, for those using it for its intended purpose. I already own a recipe box, but would gladly nab another from Rifle Paper Co. to fill with meal ideas. That, or additional scrap ramblings, like the weird literary hoarder that I am.

floral pencils

Rifle Paper Co. #2 Floral Patterned Pencils – Set of 12 Assorted

I’m an error prone person; therefore, erasers are my friend. These pencils are almost too pretty to sharpen, so you may want to use them sparingly for specific tasks, such as drafting academic essays, when motivation really starts to wane. I diligently use these pencils until the bitter end, when they are reduced to floral nubs, before selecting a new patterned beauty from the pack.

Spiral Bound AgendaRifle Paper Co. 17 Month Spiral Bound Planner

This whimsical spiral-bound agenda from Rifle Paper Co. will make dutiful scheduling and note-taking a more charming endeavor.


Rifle Paper Co. Lively Floral Pad Weekly Planner Desk Pad

Weekly desk pads are often generic and bland, but this floral-themed edition by Rifle Paper Co. is pure visual candy. Far from an eyesore, this desk-pad is aesthetically pleasing and dual functioning, as it effectively doubles as a mouse pad.

That wraps up this week’s list of favourites. I hope you enjoyed this edition on organizational essentials and that it will help get your weekend off to a more punctual and proactive start. Happy Friday, everyone!



3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites! Week #2

  1. These items are so cute! They are inviting enough to make you want to use them and stay organized and remain focused. I’m too tempted by stationery so I like to stay away (so that I don’t buy everything I set my eyes on). 😂

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