Friday Favourites! Week #1

Fridays are perfect for sharing newly discovered favourites. Whether it’s an enticing page-turner, exciting destination to explore, stunning design element or glow-worthy beauty regime infused with bee venom or reishi extract – I’ll be sharing my latest and greatest finds or “favourites” here on Undertone(s).

Personal Disclaimer: These shared favourites will undoubtedly feature one of my many plant purchases, which are leading to the slow but gradual conversion of my apartment into a greenhouse. Or of lamps. I have an inexplicable love of lamps (and subsequently, a very well-lit home).


Friday Favourites Week #1:

A little flare goes a long way. These enamel pins by Hemleva feature designs based on original illustrations and a level of craftsmanship reminiscent of fine jewellery. Hemleva has a unique assortment of enamel pins from which to choose, so take a gander at what’s in stock and add some fashionable flare to your jewelry box.


Admittedly, I’m a little bit Umbra obsessed. I have more than a few Umbra design products gracing the walls and counters of my living space. Umbra is a housewares product design company based out of Toronto, Canada, and produces elegant pieces to elevate your abode’s aesthetic. Umbra offers a diverse range of products, which integrate innovation, versatility and practicality in design without compromising style and sophistication. One of my all time favourite purchases has been this Umbra Prisma mirror (I purchased mine in brass but it is available in other finishes, including copper and matte black), which can double as a unique serving tray or centrepiece for your coffee table.

Prism Mirror(Umbra)

prism 3(Umbra)

Leah Bartholomew’s Instagram feed is my most recent obsession. Skimming through her sublime art portfolio has instilled in me a deep-seated desire to one day commission an original piece by her. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, her paintings are abstract interpretations of the natural environment. Her vast, bold, and colourful aesthetic has secured her status as an preeminent artist on the rise. To learn more about Leah’s unique creative process and upcoming collaborations, or to browse through her stunning gallery of prints, which are available online for purchase, visit her website.

Driving in the Hills art print by Leah Bartholomew (Leah Bartholomew)

London Flowers art print by Leah Bartholomew (Leah Bartholomew)

That wraps up this week’s list of favourites. I hope you enjoyed the visual candy and that it helped get your weekend off to an inspired start. Happy Friday, everyone!

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